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  • MF2915
    Hand Sprayer Calibration Steps Worksheet

    To calibrate a hand sprayer for pesticides and other chemicals, you should know what volume of liquid you are spraying over a given time period. Reviewed June 2014 by John W. Slocombe. 4-page, b/w.

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  • MF2914
    Boom Sprayer Calibration Steps Worksheet

    Proper calibration, or adjustment, of a sprayer is essential for accurate pesticide application. Ongoing routine calibration is necessary because abrasive pesticides can damage nozzle tips. Reviewed June 2014 by John W. Slocombe. 2-page, b/w.

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  • MF2906
    Biodiesel Fundamentals

    Biodiesel is made from vegetable oils and animal fats in a process called transesterfication, which involves combining fatty oils with an alcohol in the presence of a catalyst. It shares many physical properties with traditional petroleum- based diesel fuel. It should not be stored more than 4 months. 2 p.

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  • MF2895
    Pumps for Applying Crop Protection Products

    Centrifugal and roller pumps are typically used for low-pressure sprayers, and diaphragm and piston pumps are more popular when high-pressure sprayers are needed. Reviewed June 2014 by John W. Slocombe. 8-page, b/w.

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  • MF2894
    Calibrating Boom Sprayers

    Adjustment of a sprayer is essential to ensure it is applying the correct amount of chemical evenly over an area. Failure to calibrate a sprayer can cause plant injury and pollution. Reviewed June 2014 by John W. Slocombe. 8-page, color.

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Displaying 21 to 25 of 120 Publications.

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